Little Lion Early Learning

A home environment where your little lions can grow


As a family business with more than 20 years experience running child care centres, we’re so pleased to provide the best quality of care in our beautifully designed, state-of-the-art centres. This means we can give little explorers (aged 0-5 years) a safe place to learn and grow, and most importantly have fun!

We provide nappies, wipes, sunscreen, bedding as well as a nutritional menu and a colourful curriculum. Take advantage of our competitively priced places while they last!


Our Philosophy

Our mission is to maximize children’s opportunities for learning and growth. Partnerships with families are at the heart of all we do, together we will design a program which caters for each child’s unique interests and strengths and their individual developmental needs. Educators and families work together identifying goals to support and promote the children becoming happy capable and confident learners.

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Our values

·       Genuine and supportive relationships with families.

·       Recognition and validation of parents as the first and most important teacher.

·       Parent inclusion in decision making.

·       Children led curriculum.

·       Educators commitment to warm, nurturing and respectful relationships with children.

·       Teachers’ commitment to regular and consistent reflective practices.

·       Safe fulfilling environments

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Our learning environments are designed to encourage explorations and discoveries while allowing positive peers and children-educators secure and respectful relationships.  Our spacious natural outdoor spaces enable children to consolidate and re-define their motor skills achievements such as climbing, hopping, running, digging in line with their developmental age. The indoor spaces encourage more cognitive focused tasks and large/small group time experience.   

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our team

Our directors and educators practise what they preach, therefore, you will see them interacting with one another with kindness and respect. We understand that an environment is made by the people so the team we created are individuals who are committed to providing the highest quality care and education and are consistently striving for continuous improvement and revision in all areas of early education and management.


our program

Every child is unique and here at Little Lion Early Learning we want to provide a safe environment in which we nurture each child’s magic. Our qualified and experienced educators are committed to building a loving relationship with your child which will enable them to plan rich learning experiences that are based upon your child’s interests. Our staff are also guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), the national framework for early learning and a key component of the Australian Government’s National Quality Framework for early childhood education and care.

Alongside our play-based learning our rich and diverse curriculum also welcomes specialist teachers into the centre. We will be providing your child with; creative art experiences, yoga sessions and language lessons. The extra-curricular subjects will create a sense of community and belonging as our children are expressive alongside their friends. It is also a chance for our children to develop their sense of identity. The seeds of passion can be sewed at an early age therefore, it is important that we nurture these whilst our learners grow into the best possible version of themselves, a version that is unique, imaginative, creative, persistent and enthusiastic.